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Physical Well-Being Contributes to Resilience

"Of course, it does!" you say. "Everyone knows that."

Knowing and prioritizing are different.

I remember when I realized that I primarily thought of my body as just a vehicle for carrying around my brain.

I thought of myself from the neck up, valuing the primacy of intellectual work over intentionally caring for my physical well-being.

I would make demands of my physical self and unquestionably expect my body to comply.

(And I'm a trained healthcare professional. Yeah. I know.)

We can't expect our bodies to run on fumes.

We do need to consistently refuel and recharge to better withstand the cumulative stressors of life.

It's the basics. No mysteries here.

Adequate rest and 7-9 hours of restorative sleep, eating good, quality food, drinking enough water, moving during the day, stretch, getting that heart rate up a few times a week.

You know the drill.

If you're already refueling well in this area, congratulations! Scroll on by.

For the rest of us, I'm challenging you to choose one aspect of your physical well-being that could use some attention and thus, support your overall resilience.

What small habit could you adopt, what tiny steps could you take that would make a difference to your sense of well-being?

Small habits and tiny steps are more sustainable, provide motivation, and can be stacked to form lasting change.

Your body will thank you.

(If you're wanting some accountability, leave me a comment with your intention!)

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