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Refuel for Resilience Part 2

Human Energy is one of the pillars of resilience.

There are five types of human energy necessary to build resilience and thrive.

They are all interconnected, and each type needs consistent refueling.

Insufficient fueling of any energy type can make you less flexible, vulnerable to depletion, exhaustion, and overwhelm.

As you read through, notice if you favor refueling one type of energy and are less attentive to refueling other types.

1. Physical Energy is foundational.

It's optimum physical health supported by nutritious food, water, adequate sleep and rest/recovery, movement and exercise, fresh air and natural light.

Do you have the stamina to enjoy your life?

Do you spend time outdoors?

How much sleep do you get each night? (Or day, if you are work off shifts?)

Do you take time to rest to recover?

2. Emotional Energy

How are your mood and attitude?

Where are you on the continuum of a positive vs. a negative outlook?

Are you irritable, reactive and not responsive?

Has your sense of humor disappeared and taken the ability to play and relax with it?

3. Cognitive Energy

When your cognitive energy is high, you can focus, be productive, learn well, are more decisive, curious, flexible, and creative in your thinking.

How productive are you?

4. Spiritual Energy

Are you inspired, motivated, empowered and connected to purpose?

Do you know your purpose?

Spiritual energy can be supported by religious beliefs and practices but isn’t limited to them.

5. Social and Relational Energy

Do you have a sense of belonging and community?

Do you nurture relationships with coworkers, family, and friends?

Sit for a minute and honestly assess your energy levels from 1-10 for each type of energy.

If you want to be energized, to be vibrantly alive, to thrive and not just survive, you can intentionally refuel in each dimension of energy.

Next time, I'll focus on small steps for refueling.

Dianne Rizzo is an ICF Certified Life and Leadership coach specializing in Resilience and Mindful Leadership. She is the founder of ONE LIFE Coaching Services and believes depletion and burnout are painful, expensive, and preventable. She coaches clients, so they can thrive at work and home.

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