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Is Depletion Your New Normal? Refuel for Resilience

Resilience is a skillset and can be practiced.

It can be learned and cultivated. Dr. Linda Hoopes writes, "Resilience is the ability to deal with high levels of challenge while maintaining or regaining high levels of effectiveness and well-being."

Often, when my clients have faced challenges they've "doubled down," pushed through, and worked even harder using stress as fuel.

This isn’t sustainable.

Some of us get addicted to using stress as a fuel source thus contributing to a depleted state that can begin to feel normal and lead to burnout.

Consistently refueling our energy is one way to support resilience.

Like time, human energy is finite.

Unlike time, our energy is renewable and we are most resilient when we intentionally refuel our energy.

Life is short; we are meant to thrive and not just survive.

Later this week, I'll post about the five types of human energy necessary to thrive and build resilience.

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