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When This is Over, Then...

As we moved through the Vinyasa flow, our yoga instructor remarked, “I’m noticing during the position transitions, you’re all holding your breath.” It was true.

Breathing is life giving and foundational to survival, energy, and mindful awareness.

I began to think how we metaphorically “hold our breath” during the transitions we experience in life.

You know those disruptive times and life events.

The times you're knocked off balance by events of your choosing, such as a new job or moving, or by those that are imposed upon you, such as loss of a loved one.

Times that bring joy and satisfaction; experiences that cut us down with pain.

It can be entire seasons of life when we're being stretched and challenged.

I hear from clients; “When this, fill in the blank, is over then I will get sleep, sit down for meals, call a friend, enjoy my life…”

They are holding their breath.

When and how do you justify suspending the very practices and habits that that could optimize your effectiveness and refuel you?

How would you experience transition differently if, during the experience, you remembered to “breathe”?

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