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ONE LIFE Coaching Services

Life is far too short to live by default.

An executive coaching client shared, "I was skeptical that a stranger, coaching me over the phone, could be useful to me.  I was wrong.  Coaching with you, Dianne, has been very effective and tremendously helpful."

Where are you now? Coaching can get you to where you want to be. 

Skilled, confidential, and personalized coaching to help you identify priorities, gain awareness, and take action to achieve your professional and personal goals.

I coach by phone for your convenience.  

Feel free to contact me to see how partnering with an experienced, professional coach can propel you forward. 

Please, scroll down to see the different services ONE LIFE offers.


Executive and
Leadership Coaching

Leadership from the Inside Out

Coaching provides Senior Executives and Emerging Leaders with a confidential sounding board, time and space dedicated to gaining new insights, creating awareness, generating innovative ideas, identifying strengths and growing edges, goal setting, and developing strategies to navigate change and complexity. Strong leaders know that self-awareness is necessary to successfully lead others.  I will challenge and stretch you to continue to become the best leader you can be, from the inside out.  
Lead from within.


"People Side of Lean" Continuous Improvement

Support for Lean Implementation

I partner with MOFFITT Associates- Leaders in Lean Six Sigma Implementation Since 1991, to coach and guide Lean Leaders to develop the necessary cognitive flexibility, mindsets, communication and adaptive skills to create and maintain sustainable continous improvement.

Bridge Over River

Individual and Organizational Resilience
Coaching and Teaching

Embracing and Navigating Complexity

One of my favorite definitions of resilience is "the ability to deal with high levels of challenge while maintaining or regaining high levels of effectiveness and well-being." (Linda Hoopes PhD) Resilient Individuals make for Resilient Organizations. Resilience is not just a collection of attributes but a skill set that can be cultivated. We can optimize resilience. How we manage our energy, how we refuel, and how and where we direct our attention directly determines how resilient we become. Burnout is painful, expensive, and preventable.
Learn how to thrive and not just simply survive.


Life Coaching 

Create the Life that Serves You

Life is far too short not to create the life you want.  Are you drifting through life on autopilot? Do you want to live life with intention and purpose? Coaching will guide you to identify your strengths, values, needs (we all have them), priorities, and purpose to reach your goals and get the most out of your life and relationships. You will learn skills to overcome overwhelm and to increase resilience to better navigate the challenges that come with being a human.

Hand Holding a Plant

Speaking, Customized Workshops,
and Retreats

Guidance & Inspiration

I customize my speaking and teaching to meet the needs of your team or organization.  I design and facilitate motivating and interactive workshops on many topics related to leadership, work life satisfaction, productivity, resilience, stress reduction stategies, emotional intelligence, cognitive flexibility, mindfulness, and effective communication.

Contact ONE LIFE Coaching Services and see if I am the right coach or speaker for you or your organization.

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