August 14, 2018

"Of course, it does!" you say. "Everyone knows that."

Knowing and prioritizing are different.  

I remember when I realized that I primarily thought of my body as just a vehicle for carrying around my brain.

I thought of myself from the neck up, valuing the primacy o...

Human Energy is one of the pillars of resilience.

There are five types of human energy necessary to build resilience and thrive.

They are all interconnected, and each type needs consistent refueling. 

Insufficient fueling of any energy type can make you less flexible, vul...

Resilience is a skillset and can be practiced.

It can be learned and cultivated. Dr. Linda Hoopes writes, "Resilience is the ability to deal with high levels of challenge while maintaining or regaining high levels of effectiveness and well-being."

Often, when my clients...

As we moved through the Vinyasa flow, our yoga instructor remarked, “I’m noticing during the position transitions, you’re all holding your breath.” It was true.

Breathing is life giving and foundational to survival, energy, and mindful awareness.   

I began to think...

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February 6, 2019

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